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Our simple online tool helps you effectively manage your talent attraction and retention. Leverage data science and our unique algorithm to analyse external brand engagement and internal Human Resources metrics.

Diagnose and monitor your brand’s performance, access educational resources and evidence your impact.


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A community inspired tool

The Brand Scale comes from the minds behind and was developed in collaboration with a global network of leading Employer Branding experts, Data Scientists and Experience Designers.

Developed for organisations aiming to continuously optimize their talent attraction and retention strategy, The Brand Scale will offer a unique view into the trends effecting your Employer Branding outcomes.

How it works

Data Science for Employer Brands

Our algorithm automatically quantifies and analyses aspects of your branding outcomes across the people experience. Process efficiency, company culture, online engagement and branding practices are all taken into account.

An overall score and insights into your employer brand’s performance are provided on your company dashboard. These insights are combined with our educational resources and content to help you optimize and manage your employer branding.

Whether you’re just starting out, or leading the way

The Brand Scale allows Employer Branding opportunities and deficiencies to be identified and monitored, whilst outlining solutions in a way that is sensitive to the industry vertical, company maturity and other factors.

The Brand Scale’s Learning Center dynamically serves educational resources to give the user an improvement road-map for ongoing optimization.

No matter how much or how little you currently measure or report on, The Brand Scale can provide insight into the effectiveness of your employer branding strategy.

Measure your impact

Over 80% of business leaders believe that their Employer Brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire and retain the best talent. According to research, companies with a strong Employer Brand can see up to a 50% decrease in the cost per candidate they hire.

The Brand Scale offers a truly holistic view of how your Employer Brand is currently performing against these goals.

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